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Cummins Carter Komatsu Engine Stop Solenoid 3864274 1751 - 2467UIB1S5A 1751 - 24E7U1S1S5A

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: YTM
Model Number: DYF005
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PCS
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard Carton Package
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 5000 Pcs Per Months
Detail Information
Quality: High Performance Place Of Origin: China
Specifiion: 24V Warranty: 1 Year
Condition: 100% New Appliion: Excavator Cummins Misubish S6K 6D31 6D14 Komatsu HD700 - 5 / 7 E200B E320 E3066
High Light:

24v stop solenoid


engine shut off solenoid

Product Description

3864274 1751 - 2467UIB1S5A 1751 - 24E7U1S1S5A Stop Solenoid For Cummins Carter Komatsu

  • Product Description

Cummins Carter Komatsu Engine Stop Solenoid 3864274 1751 - 2467UIB1S5A 1751 - 24E7U1S1S5A 0

Brand Name HUATUI
Part No. 3864274 1751-2467UIB1S5A 1751-24E7U1S1S5A
type Valve
voltage 24v
Media Oil
Power Solenoid
Appliion Model For S6K E200B E320 HD700-5 7 6D31 6D14 90902NI
Engine Type Diesel







Solenoid Series


3991167, 3964627,SA-4941 12V

3991168, 3964628,SA-4941 24V

3932529, 3939700,SA-4756, SA-4891 12V

3932530, 3939701,SA-4756, SA-4891 24V

3930233;SA-4335 12V

3930234;SA-4335 24V

3928160;SA-4293 12V

3928161;SA-4293 24V

3921978, 3918600;TJG130805 12V

3921980, 3918601; 24V


1751-12E7U1B1S5A;SA-3933, SA-3766T 12V

3864274,SA-3933,SA-3766T 24V

1752ES,RSV,KRT;32A87-15100; 12V

1752ES,RSV,KRT 24V

2848A278;1457906 12V

2848A278;1457906 24V


155-4654 12V

155-4653;3E-7985 24V

6N-9988 12V

6N-9987 24V


3991624;SA-4959 12V

3991625;SA-4959 24V

3991167, 3964627;SA-4941 12V

3991168, 3964628 24V

3991167 12V

3991168 24V

3932529, 3939700;SA-4756, SA-4891 12V

3932530, 3939701 24V


3935457, 3935459 24V

3935649 12V

3935650 24V


2003-12E7U1B1S2A 12V

SA-3838 24V

SA-5174 12V

SA-5174 24V

3906398;SA-3151 12V

3906776;SA-3151 24V


3930233;SA-4335 12V

3930234;SA-4335 24V

3928160;SA-4293 12V

3928161;SA-4293 24V

SA-5030 12V

4063712, 6743-81-9141;SA-5030 24V

3990772;SA-4932 12V

3990773;SA-4932 24V

SA-3933, SA-3766T 12V

3864274,SA-3933, 24V

1751-12E7U1B1S5;SA-3796 12V

1751-24E7U1B1S5;SA-3796 24V


3930235;SA-4348 12V

3930236; 24V

3990770;SA-4931 12V

3990771; 24V


970120012010;TAR130805 24V

3357411 12V


3939018;SA-4889 12V

3939019;SA-4889 24V

3932545;SA-4639 12V

3932546;SA-4639 24V

3287406 12V 24V

4942879;SD-008A2 12V 24V

SA-3665-12,SA-4754-12, 12V

3905691 12V

3970416 24V

3934174;SA-4697 12V

3934177;SA-4697 24V

3913795, 1823724C91;SA-4338 12V

1823723C91;SA-4338 24V

3958160, 3958177;12V

3958176;SA-4978, SA-4878 24V


1756ES-12E3ULB1S1;SA-4813 12V

D59-105-04, 3928219;SA-4813-24, 24V

D59-105-05;1751-2467 12V

D59-105-10 12V 24V

SD-007 12V 24V

D59-105-01 12V 24V

D59-105-12 12V 24V

D59-105-23+A 12V 24V

D59-105-31+A 12V 24V

D59-105-22+A 12V 24V



612600180175 12V 24V

1752ZS-A 12V 24V

612600180008 12V 24V

13026882 12V 24V

612600080681 12V 24V

612600180681 12V 24V

13026697 12V 24V

13034654 12V 24V

13026889 12V 24V


4946639 12V

C4942878, C3415706 24V

SD-005A2 12V 24V

SD-003A2 12V 24V

37Z36-56010A, 3977620 12V 24V

B4002-1115030 12V 24V

232C-1115030;C3415441 12V 24V

3921978 12V

3921980 24V

B4000-1115030 12V 24V

P612-B5V12 12V

05CF24, 24V

6108-1115030 12V 24V

05CF26A 12V 24V

05CF26 12V 24V

37V84A-56010 12V 24V

37V78-56010 12V 24V

F048331000093 12V 24V

F3400-1115100A-275 12V 24V

1752ES-12E7UC3B1S7 12V

1752ES-24E7UC3B1S7 24V

SD-003A3 12V 24V


2001ES, 3924450 12V

2001ES;04225651, 04262377 24V

SA-3765 12V

SA-3765 24V

SA-3800 12V

9883038;SA-3800 24V

3932017;SA-3742, 1751ES RSV 12V


04272734 24V

04287583, 04287116;04287114 12V

04287584 24V

04272956 12V 24V

13026697 12V 24V

13034654 12V 24V

04103808, 04103812 12V 24V

01181663 12V

01181665;01179114 24V


3936026;SA-4767 12V

SA-4767 24V

3354943;961000780024 12V

970120012010;TAR130805 24V

3357411 12V


1752ES;SA-4026, SA-4124 24V

F3HZ-9A594-A;SA-4273 12V

2003ES-24E6UC4B5S2,SA-4273 24V

1751ES-12E6UC4B1S5,SA-3850 12V

1751ES-24E6UC4B1S5,SA-3850 24V

SA-4160;1751ES-12A6UC4B3S1 12V

SA-4160;1751ES-24A6UC4B3S1 24V


3926411;SA-4257 12V

3926412;SA-4257 24V

3924450;2001ES 12V

04225651, 04262377;2001ES 24V

SA-4780;1751ES-12A7UC9B5S5 12V

SA-4780;1751ES-24A7UC9B5S5 24V

897329-5680, 8973295680 12V

897209-1152,8972091152 24V


RE502473 12V

RE502474 24V

119653-77950,119285-77950;SA-4562T, SA-5213 12V

1503ES-24S5SUC5S 24V

RE53507 12V 24V

RE53559 12V

RE53560 24V

RE504223, RE54747;1755ES 12V 24V


3932529, 3939700;SA-4756, SA-4891 12V

3932530, 3939701;SA-4756, SA-4891 24V

3935429, 3935431,3939702; 12V

3935430,3935432,3939703;SA-4755, SA-4892 24V

3930233;SA-4335 12V

3930234;SA-4335 24V

3928160;SA-4293 12V


153ES;SA-4269 12V

600-815-7550;SA-4269 24V

119653-77950,119285-77950;SA-4562T, SA-5213 12V

1503ES-24S5SUC5S 24V


1503ES-24S5SUC12S 24V


1503ES-12A5UC9S;SA-4561-T, 25-15230-01 12V

1503ES-24A5UC9S 24V

1503ES-12A5UC5S;17454-60010, SA-4569-T 12V

1503ES-24A5UC5S;SA-4567-T 24V

25-38109-05S;SA-5019, SA-5157,


SA-5176 24V

16271-60010 12V 24V

1C010-60015 12V 24V

17208-60015 12V 24V

1A021-60010,1A021-60013,1A021-60015, 12V 24V

15471-60010;052600-1001 12V 24V

16851-60014;Denso: 052600-4531 12V 24V

1J772-60012 12V 24V

SA-4863 12V 24V


17490-60010;SA-4310 12V

SA-4310 24V

1G820-60022, SA-5156; 12V

1503ES-24A5SUC9SLC24 24V

1A084-60012 12V 24V


1G925-60011;1503ES-12A5UC4S 12V

1503ES-24A5UC4S 24V

1G577-60010,1G577-60011 12V 24V

1J710-60011 12V 24V

6681512 12V 24V

6681513 12V 24V


2001-12E3U1B2S2A;SA-2606-A 12V

2001-24E3U1B2S2A 24V

SA-3933-12, SA-3766T 12V

3864274,SA-3933-24,SA-3766T 24V

153ES;SA-4269 12V

600-815-7550;SA-4269 24V


SA-4148-T, SA-4962;1751-12E7U1B1A 12V

SA-4148T, SA-4962;1751-24E7U1B1A 24V

1751-12E3U1B1SI;SA-3934-T, 1700-3004 12V

1751-24E3U1B1SI;SA-3934-T,1700-2533 24V


3930233;SA-4335 12V

3930234;SA-4335 24V

87801213,87616313, SA-4161 12V

SA-4161 24V

SA-3850 12V

1751ES-24E6UC4B1S5,SA-3850 24V

SA-4160;1751ES-12A6UC4B3S1 12V

SA-4160;1751ES-24A6UC4B3S1 24V

ES1751E 12V

504017345,1223.3594.30;ES1751E 24V


872826;1827650 12V

OE52318;873754 24V

81151144, 881969;872805 28V

3932017;SA-3742, 1751ES RSV 12V

3974947, Z3900107;SA-3742, 1751ES 24V

2848A278;1457906 12V 24V

2848A275,2848A279;SA-4934 12V


1821019C91;2003ES 12V

1821020C91 24V

2848231 12V

2848238;SA-3453T 24V

2848A256 12V 24V

RP2310B 12V

2848A268;RP2309B 24V

2848A281 12V 24V

185206083, 185206085 12V 24V


1751ES-12A3UC12B1S;SA-4673-S 12V

1751ES-24A3UC12B1S;SA-4673-S 24V

SA-3840-T;1753ES-12A3UC5B1S1 12V

1753ES-24A3UC5B1S1 24V


3931196, 3919423;SA-3665,SA-4754,ZSF-3C, 24V

42-100;1500-3076 12V 24V

41-1566, 44-9181;41-9081 12V 24V

44-6544;10-60018-00 12V 24V

44-2823 12V 24V

366-07197;SA-3405T, 1502 12V

366-07198;1502 24V

1502-12C6U1B2S1A;SA-2944T 12V

1502-24C6U1B2S1A;SA-2944T 24V

1504 12V

1504 24V

1502-12C2U1B1S1A 12V

1502-24C2U1B1S1A 24V

1502-12C7U1B2S1;SA-4849 12V

1502-24C7U1B2S1;SA-4849 24V

1502-12C2U1B2;103007AA 12V

1502-24C2U1B2 24V

1504-12A6U1B1S2 12V

1504-24A6U1B1S2 24V

1502-12C3U1B1S1A;SA-5171 12V

1502-24C3U1B1S1A;SA-5171 24V


119653-77950,SA-4562T, SA-5213 12V

1503ES-24S5SUC5S 24V

17208-60015 12V 24V

SA-4863 12V 24V

04103808, 04103812 12V 24V

1502-12C3U1B1S1A;SA-5171 12V

1502-24C3U1B1S1A;SA-5171 24V


1756ES-12E3ULB1S5;SA-4735 12V

1756ES-24E3ULB1S5;SA-4735 24V

1751ES-12A3ULB1S1A 12V

1751ES-24A3ULB1S1A 24V

237100;ED340000 12V

237101;ED460000 24V

501041 12V 24V

1700-2526;1751-12A2U1B1S1A 12V

1751-24A2U1B1S1A 24V

1751ES-12E3ULB1S5 12V

1700-1519;1751ES-24E3ULB1S5 24V

SA-4818;1752ES-12E7UC3B1S1,SA-4888 12V

SA-4818, SA-4888; 24V

EFS-1756SP-12E2UC4B1;06-45344-000 12V

1756SP-24E2UC4B1 24V

SA-4532;2003ES 12V 24V

SA-4778;2003-12E3U1B1S1A 12V

SA-4778;2003-24E3U1B1S1A 24V

SA-4752 12V

SA-4752 24V

2001-12F2U1B2A;SA-2774-A 12V

2001-24F2U1B2A 24V


SA-3999, SA-4014;1752ES RSV 12V

SA-3999, SA-4014;1752ES RSV 24V

1751 - 12E2U1B1;SA-4984 12V

1751 - 24E2U1B1 24V

332/J5060, 716/30091;110339541, 12V 24V

264315200113;S620666, 14030801 12V

187153, 11013111 24V

1753ES, 1700-4069;8973737622 12V 24V

SA-4741;1510S-12A6ULBS 12V

1510S-24A6ULBS 24V

RP2307B 12V

RP2308B 24V

5-81900-008-01;MA4-114 12V 24V


  • Product Details


1. One year warranty;
2.Our factory was established in 2008, with thousands of products for you to choose from, the product complete rate is up to 98%;

3. There is a professional team in our company, we offer you proffessional sevice at any time;
4. All products undergo quality inspection before entering the market;
5. All product packaging and MOQ will try our best to meet the actual requirements and needs of customers;
6. All kinds of express delivery as you choose, whatever by sea, Fed Express, DHL, TNT, EMS or others



Cummins Carter Komatsu Engine Stop Solenoid 3864274 1751 - 2467UIB1S5A 1751 - 24E7U1S1S5A 1


    Our company always takes it as our duty that we should try our best to meet the demand of the

customers and perfect our services. We mainly insist on dediing to provide professional one-stop

service for our small and medium-sized foreign customers. Meanwhile, we will adhere to the

"quality first, based on market,most sincere service service, creating a win-win" business philosophy

to develop our company forever.

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Appliion:Imported or domestic scraper&loder,road machinery,hoisting machinery,pilling

machinery,concreting machinery,port machinery,mining machinery etc.


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1. More than 10 years production experiences;High quality,high standard,high reputation;

2. Professional and effective motor solutions for our customers;

3. Yute have reached the international advanced level;

4. Have our own designer ,they will design the products according to your special request;

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1.All of our auto switches are designed and manufactured according to OE specifiion and performance.

2.Strict quality control to ensure superior product quality.

3.Full range of parts for you to choose at one place.

4.Competitive price for you.

5.One year warranty and the superior sale-after service.

6.Fast delivery without delay.

7.Large stock in the warehouse.

8.All kinds of spare parts are available.


  • Packing & Shipping

1.Each product will be packed in individual box with label of all information on it, and boxes will be

   packed in carton, cartons will be packed in wooden CAS-Es!

2.We use top-grade and Damp-proof packing!

3.Customized acceptance!

4.Delivery day:1-20 days!


  • FAQ

Q: Which payment terms will you accept?

A: We can accept TT, Western union, paypal and cash etc , besides ALIBABA.


Q: When my order will be shipped?

A:Once we get payment, we will ship your order within 2 working days.

Q: Which shipping will you offer?

A:By sea, air, DHL, Fedex, TNT, UPS, EMS, SF

Q: How long does it take to my address?

A:The normal delivery time is 4-7 days, depending on which country you are in.

Q: How can I trace my order?

A:We will send you the tracking number by email.

Q: If I am not satisfied with the products, what should I do?

A:You can contact us and tell us about your problem. We will offer exchange or repair service under warranty.


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Cummins Carter Komatsu Engine Stop Solenoid 3864274 1751 - 2467UIB1S5A 1751 - 24E7U1S1S5A 2


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