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Brief introduction of alternator components and maintenance methods

March 7, 2023


When the external circuit is energized by the brush,the magnetic field is generated and the claw is magnetized to N pole and S pole.​When the rotor is rotating,the flux alternates in the stator windings.According to the latest company news about Brief introduction of alternator components and maintenance methods  0principle of electromagnetic induction,the induced electromotive force is generated in the three-phase winding of the stator.That’s how the alternator works.



The stationary part of the motor. The stator is the stationary part of the motor. The stator is composed of three parts: stator core, stator windings and machine base.


The main role of the stator is to generate a rotating magnetic field, and the main role of the rotor is to be cut by the magnetic line in the rotating magnetic field and then generate (output) current.

latest company news about Brief introduction of alternator components and maintenance methods  1

Nursing methods:

Stator maintenance: coil stator with 4 group, there are four carbon brush and carbon brush on four pressure spring, the carbon brush to remove from under the pressure spring, carbon brush can be combined with the copper head in faceted light grinding (curved), the stator's back cover is starter (back cover), is another maintenance point (the end of the rotor shaft), filling in the back cover of grease.



A rotor is a rotating body supported by a bearing. An object, such as a disc, which has no rotation axis of its own, can be regarded as a rotor when it is rigidly connected or attached to the shaft.

latest company news about Brief introduction of alternator components and maintenance methods  2

The main rotor rotates at high speed, and the shaft deflection occurs when the speed is close to the critical speed. And even mechanical damage due to resonance. The natural frequency of the transverse vibration of the rotor is multi-order, so its corresponding critical speed is also multi-order. When the working speed of the rotor is lower than the first-order critical speed, it is called rigid rotor, while the working speed of the rotor is higher than the first-order critical speed, it is called flexible rotor.

The working speed of any type of rotor shall not be close to the critical speed. The critical speed of the rotor depends on its manufacturing material, structural form, geometric size, bearing characteristics and other factors.

Curing method:

The head position of the rotor (with the flywheel) can be pulled out from the sleeve, and the slide of the flywheel is filled with grease, and the grease is filled in the sleeve. The tail position of the rotor is commonly known as the "copper head", (the copper head is the joint point with the carbon brush), can be gently ground with fine sandpaper, to be entered.

Rear cover

Can reduce magnetic leakage and has the advantages of light, good heat dissipation performance. In order to improve the mechanical strength of the bearing hole and increase its wear resistance, a steel sleeve is embedded in the bearing seat hole of the end cover. One or two component plates are fixed in the rear end cover, and the positive output line of the alternator is output by the screw insulating sleeve on the positive component plate through the hole on the rear end cover, and the rear end cover is also equipped with a brush holder.

latest company news about Brief introduction of alternator components and maintenance methods  3

Curing method:

(1) When the thermal protection of the aluminum motor continuously occurs, it should be found out whether the fault comes from the aluminum motor or overload or the setting value of the protection device is too low. After the fault is eliminated, it can be put into operation.

(2) The operating environment should always be kept dry, the surface of the motor should be kept clean, and the air inlet should not be hindered by dust and fiber.

(3) When the life of the bearing ends, the vibration and noise of the motor operation will increase significantly. When the radial clearance of the bearing reaches the following values, the bearing should be replaced.

(4) It should be ensured that the aluminum shell motor is well lubricated during operation. Generally, the motor runs for about 5000 hours, that is, the grease should be supplemented or replaced. When the bearing is found to be overheating or lubricating deterioration in operation, the hydraulic grease should be changed in time. When replacing the grease, the old lubricating oil should be removed, and the oil groove of the bearing and bearing cover should be washed with gasoline, and then the ZL-3 lithium grease should be filled with 1/2(to 2 poles) and 2/3(to 4, 6 and 8 poles) of the cavity between the inner and outer rings of the bearing.

(5) When replacing the windings, the form, size, number of turns and wire gauge of the original winding must be recorded. When these data are lost, they should be obtained from the manufacturer to change the original design windings at will, which often deteriorates the performance of one or several items of the aluminum shell motor, or even can not be used.

(6) When removing the motor, the rotor can be removed from the extended end or the non-extended end of the shaft. If it is not necessary to remove the fan, it is more convenient to remove the rotor from the non-axial extension. When removing the rotor from the stator, the stator windings or insulation should be prevented from being damaged.

One way belt pulley

Belt pulley, belongs to the disk hub parts, the general relative size is relatively large, the manufacturing process is generally based on casting, forging. The general size of the larger design for the casting method, the material is generally cast iron (casting performance is better), rarely cast steel (steel casting performance is not good); Generally small size, can be designed for forging, the material is steel. Pulley is mainly used for long-distance transmission power occasions, such as the output of small diesel engine power, agricultural vehicles, tractors, cars, mining machinery, mechanical processing equipment, textile machinery, packaging machinery, lathe, forging a bed, a small horsepower motorcycle power transmission, agricultural mechanical power transmission, air compressor, speed reducer, reducer, alternators, cotton gin, and so on.


Curing method:

1. To regularly maintain the belt conveyor roller and roller rotation is easy.

3. Part of the tape of the belt conveyor should be prevented from touching with oil, diesel engine, automobile oil and other grease materials; Minimize exposure to sunlight and rain to resist corrosion hazards.

4. All transmission system components of belt conveyor need to be assembled with safety protective cover.

Bridge type rectifier

The bridge rectifier is made of four rectifier silicon chips connected as a bridge and encapsulated with insulating plastic. The high-power bridge rectifier is coated with zinc metal shell outside the insulation layer to enhance heat dissipation.

Curing method:

There will be no aluminum heat sink after the rectifier. With the increase of time, there will be a lot of dirt attached to the rectifier heat sink, which will affect the heat dissipation effect. So after disassembly, we should focus on cleaning this part.

Electromagnetic switch

Electromagnetic switch, as the name suggests, is the electromagnet control of the switch, is the combination of electromagnet and switch. When the electromagnet coil is energized, electromagnetic suction is generated, and the movable iron core pushes or pulls the switch contact to close, so as to connect the control circuit. Electromagnetic switches have a wide range of applications in various industries, the most common is the industrial field of contactors. Electromagnetic switch is the control on the starter switch, is the starter (dc motor, drive meshing mechanism, electromagnetic switch) one of the three major components, its working principle is electromagnetic suction, after electrify coil making activity core, thus on the one hand, pull the drive meshing mechanism make the reach starter pinion and engine flywheel ring gear meshing, push the switch contact through on the other hand, To electrify a DC motor so as to start the engine.

latest company news about Brief introduction of alternator components and maintenance methods  4

Curing method:

(1) The storage temperature of the electromagnetic switch in storage and transportation should be between -40 and +65℃.

(2) In order to prevent dust, rust and damage, please keep the electromagnetic switch in the bale state.

(3) Considering the moisture absorption problem, do not place the electromagnetic switch on the concrete floor, but should avoid direct sunlight on the shelf or base for storage.

(4) Please avoid placing the electromagnetic switch in humid environment for a long time.

(5) Please do not put the electromagnetic switch in the environment containing hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S), sulfite gas (SC), chlorine gas (CL2) and other corrosive gases.

(6) The use of electromagnetic switches in high temperature and humid environment may cause coil burning, abnormal sound, misoperation and other faults. And coil temperature rise will make the iron core rust. Therefore, in order to avoid failure, the countermeasures used at the right temperature are very important. For example, we can install the cooling fan in the control cabinet, and add a ceiling on the outdoor control cabinet.


Motor fan is a kind of motor with fan hub and blade, along the outer circumference of the fan hub and a uniform distribution of slots, blades inserted in the slot, welding, bonding and other permanent connection methods to make the blade and fan hub into one. The overall balance of the motor fan is good, which can save the time needed to adjust the balance, and the weight is reduced by more than 30% compared with the bolt connected fan. The vibration and noise of the motor using the utility model during operation are reduced.

Curing method:

1. Look at random files

The motor fan is equipped with the instruction manual, product qualification certificate, electrical circuit diagram and packing list. The packing list should be checked and parts should be checked.

2. Look at the shape of the motor fan

Carefully check whether the motor fan net cover and fan blade have obvious deformation. Rotate the fan blade, should be light and flexible, should not always stop at the same position.

3. Look at the startup performance

Starting performance is an important quality index of motor fan. During the test, the motor fan should be able to start from rest and operate normally at 85% of the rated power supply voltage in the slow gear. The shorter the time required for a motor fan to start up to normal operation, the better the motor fan will start up.

4. look at the speed regulation performance

When powered on, there should be no abnormal noise in the mechanical transmission part of the fan. When the electric fan is running at high, medium and low speed, the motor and fan blade should be stable, with little vibration and low noise. Motor fan shake head, stop should be agile, no intermittent, stagnation and jitter phenomenon.

5. See if there is leakage

After the motor fan is electric, if there is anaesthetic feeling when touched by hand, test with a test pen. The test pen also has a light display, which can determine the leakage of the shell, and can not be used.

6. See the continuous operation of the motor fan

After the electric fan runs continuously for 2 hours, if the surface of the nose shell is hot, the temperature is too high to use. Under normal circumstances, the surface temperature of the nose shell is below 50℃, and there should be no feeling of hot hand.

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